High-energy, interactive, research-based keynote seminars, workshops, and consulting sessions that spark innovative ideas and produce measurable results. This is not "edutainment." It's an investment designed to alter mindsets, change behaviors, and generate outcomes. Tell me more about Speaking.
In-person, virtual, and on-demand programs are available to boards, management teams, business leaders, and teams led by Dr. Stephen Long. The Prosperity Trait Index© measures a previously undetected psychological trait that is holistic, wholly positive, and proven to be the human attribute responsible for value creation. It’s more important than IQ. It’s bigger than EQ. And it’s stronger than Grit.
Attendees receive •A personalized behavioral analysis of The Prosperity Trait Index Report© (PTi) that includes their Prosperity Trait score and sub-trait Driving Forces and Points of Friction •A customized presentation tailored to their needs, equipping them with the tools and strategies required to strengthen their Prosperity Trait •Dr. Long's books are available, including The Incumbent, GOLD! Mastering the Psychology of Execution, and Long on Leadership.

Keynote Seminars

The Hidden Costs of Human Nature

Every manager has hidden costs baked into their enterprise, which are the unforeseen expenses of doing business. These costs range from trivial, like maintenance, to significant, like legal fees. This seminar teaches managers to expose hidden costs and convert them into newfound revenue. Human Nature is the most expensive hidden cost; therefore, Human Nature is the most profitable opportunity. How do we prevail over an insurmountable force like Human Nature? Individual and collective Prosperity Trait Index© results reveal the Hidden Costs of Human Nature. Managers apply tools and strategies to reduce the natural defects of an organization's collective Prosperity Trait, expediting growth, increasing revenue, improving productivity, and expanding profit margins.

What Great Looks Like

Those who are the best at what they do have one thought that enters their mind: Can I do better? It is only when people reach the top that new possibilities arise. The best need additional but elusive skills to make greatness a reality. Applying a combination of group and individual instruction, the seminar leverages the inherent human capital within participants. The interactive seminar draws on participants’ expertise to help create the curriculum and shape the seminar through a customized teaching method. No two seminars are alike because participants offer unique strengths and challenges through their different mindsets, different experiences, different responsibilities. Participants feed off each other, learning from their distinct differences and unexpected commonalities. The Prosperity Trait Index© provides the template for our greatest aspiration: to be truly and completely free.

Fish Don't Know the Water is Wet

You see the need for change, but you can’t do it alone. The problem is your employees have no sense of it. As a result, they don’t share your priorities. It’s like they work in a completely different environment. But they don’t. You see the environment as it is. You see the reality. Your organization is vulnerable because the evidence is clear to you, but your employees act as if they are impervious to market forces. What are the forces preventing your employees from seeing reality? Entitlement? Possibly. Narrow comfort zones? Perhaps. Complacency? Probably. A tight labor market? Certainly. Many leaders descend into fear and intimidation under these circumstances, which may yield short-term results but ensure long-term negative consequences. How do leaders create a sense of urgency without creating panic? It starts with leading by example. Psychometrics and behavioral science equip leaders to manage and lead change, empowering employees to take on the challenge of transformation.

Theory PT™

A Human Performance Management Theory

People are the engine that creates value. Grounded in LTR’s behavioral science research, Theory PT meets the demands of today’s knowledge-based economy, where the need for an innovative management approach has emerged. Theory PT emphasizes the ends over the means by providing solutions for the managed through the manager. This seminar exposes leaders’ assumptions about the most effective way to manage people to achieve transformation through Human Performance. Participants acquire skills essential to efficient organic growth by understanding that people are the product.


Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a 10-module workshop that strengthens The Prosperity Trait®. The skills participants acquire create simplicity, improve brain functioning and decision-making, remove friction, decrease stress, reduce decision fatigue, liberate creativity, promote organization, and enhance performance. It even improves sleep. Design Thinking creates a state of effortless concentration requiring no exertion of self-control, freeing up cognitive resources and empowering people to pursue their most ambitious goals. This state of optimal human performance is called Trust.

Leadership Series

The Leadership Series consists of Coaching Effectiveness and Managing Effectiveness Workshops. Both workshops support the Design Thinking workshop and are scientifically proven to strengthen The Prosperity Trait® in team members. The Leadership Series puts people first by prioritizing the ends over the means. People are the product, and the by-products generated include higher productivity, greater creativity, stronger cohesion, increased retention, and significant ROI on other human capital initiatives. As a result, people seek change rather than avoid, evade, and delay it.

Leadership for the Smart Machine Age

Technology has the power to both dehumanize and humanize organizations. In the Smart Machine Age, it's clear that humans won't outsmart machines. Paradoxically, human capital is now more valuable than ever. Leadership is shifting away from knowing more than others and is increasingly about humanism. Thinking, learning, and emotionally connecting with others are the distinguishing factors for organizations in this new age. Understanding and addressing inherent biases that hinder growth and acknowledging the forces of human nature that obstruct change are of utmost importance. LTR's behavioral analyses uncover the necessary psychological traits, offering the insights required for meaningful transformation. LTR's educational strategies cultivate critical and creative thinking skills alongside developing relationship management skills through collaboration and emotional engagement, which are essential for thriving in the Smart Machine Age. LTR's holistic approach empowers organizations to adapt, grow, and succeed in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

GOLD! Mastering the Psychology of Strategy Execution

Featuring 17 Olympians who amassed 25 Olympic Gold Medals, GOLD! provides a system that enhances individual and organizational performance. GOLD! furnishes the why and the how to manage risk through an empirical foundation of human performance. The workshop breaks down strategy execution into a series of steps and phases that improve outcomes through Olympic champion case studies. If requested, Olympians make special appearances and presentations throughout the workshop.

A Matter of Trust

Never has trust been so hard to acquire yet so easy to lose. In association with Dr. Tommy Thomas - president of Opposite Strengths, Inc. - we provide the tools and strategies for three dynamics of trust based on valid psychometrics and proven behavioral science. Trust between clients, trust among employees, and trust within oneself are absolutely essential for success. Through these two primary sources, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Long provide the blueprint for executives to get people on their side, move their organizations forward, and consistently execute strategy. Participants acquire the skills needed to effectively communicate with others, spread confidence inside and outside the company, and align the organization. Three workshops are available:

Relational Trust - Connecting with others in a way they can understand. 

• ​Social Trust - Strengthening the belief in the honesty, integrity, and reliability of others, fostering the faith people have in each other.

• ​Self Trust ​- The optimal human experience where people operate from a state of effortless concentration, producing consistent, exceptional performance.

The Nature of Things

In a time where many people are over-managed and under-led, organizational life exhibits a natural quality where things happen under the first wave of consciousness regardless of the industry. Participants receive a complimentary copy of LTR’s Organizational Health Evaluation, which measures managerial capability for the three primary areas of organizational health. Organizational health is an output of four components of organizational life. •The Nature of Work •The Nature of Leadership •The Nature of Innovation •The Nature of Motivation

Executive Golf

Controlling your mind and using it properly separate people from the competition, be it on a golf course or in a boardroom. Consistent strategy execution is more dependent on a person's acquired traits, their mindset, and how effectively a person makes decisions than talent. Through the one to three-day workshop, participants develop skills that enhance decision-making, facilitate learning, and boost productivity while lowering golf scores through hands-on workshops in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. The Executive Golf Workshop provides tools - not philosophy - with a proven methodology enabling participants to transfer course management principles to business productivity practices. Dr. Long's golf clients average a four-stroke improvement and improve financial performance by 115% on average. LTR Executive Golf Executive Summary

Consulting Sessions

Comprehensive and In-Depth
Consulting Sessions are an opportunity for boards, management teams, and leaders to take a deep dive into The Prosperity Trait®, which is prohibitive within the confines of workshops and seminars. These informal, free-form discussions address management issues and human capital challenges designed for one-on-one exchanges and small-group interactions. Dr. Stephen Long shares the relationships between The Prosperity Trait® theoretical foundations and practical applications with high concepts and real-life situations. Whether it’s the obstacles leaders face in any transformation or why employees lack engagement, Consulting Sessions provides clarity of the who, when, where, why, and how.


"I am the head of the Mergers & Acquisition Practice at the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm, which has over 700 legal and consulting professionals worldwide. For each of the past 13 years, our law firm has hosted a day-long M&A Conference that is attended by leading M&A professionals from around the country and the world. This year, we had more than 550 attendees, which was a record. Dr. Stephen Long was a featured professional on our panel “Assessing and Improving Management Before and After the Deal.” Steve did an excellent job, especially as it relates to various analytical tools and techniques that can be applied in this area. He also shared many interesting general insights based on his many years of experience. I would highly recommend Steve as a speaker or panelist on a topic like this."

Bruce Engler, Former Head of M&A - Faegre Baker Daniels Law Firm

"Dr. Stephen Long is a visionary that uses real-life experiences to inspire and motivate individuals to succeed. His leadership principles guide us not through intimidation but through what really motivates us to the core. Ordinary people have used them to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. I was able to witness Stephen in action speaking to a group of individuals who at the beginning were skeptical but by the end were nodding their heads in agreement and walked away with the knowledge to lead their teams to success. I highly recommend Stephen as a coach, mentor, and speaker. He is extremely professional, well-spoken, and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone to help bring real, lasting change to your organization - look no further."

Sara Luchsinger, VP of Organizational Development - SEEK Careers/Staffing

“We bring in many speakers for our employees, but Steve was different. He was able to get to the heart of the issue for our diverse workforce very quickly. Every person walked out differently than when they when came in. Steve has a way to touch people although they all face different challenges. Throughout the presentation he was funny, but more importantly, he completely captured the audience - their concentration was palpable. It was an engaging presentation and I’m sure we’ll bring Dr. Steve Long back."

Stephen Luongo, Former Senior VP - Marsh USA

"Dr. Stephen Long was instrumental in several positive initiatives for our company. First of all, he presented a workshop and explained his Human Capital Programs to everyone - not only explaining it but sharing how everyone could put it to work immediately. From that alone, we began to see immediate benefits. Even more important was this: In our high-turnover industry, our turnover of high-performance people fell to almost zero! I have much for which I can thank Steve. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help for their company and its people."

Ray Bedingfield, Former CEO - The Woodmoor Group

"Dr. Long’s fun, engaging workshop empowered students to reflect on their own character and encouraged their self-development, one of the most important lessons in leadership."

Cindy Lopez, Executive Director - the University of Oklahoma JC Penney Leadership Center

"Dr. Stephen Long spoke at a conference of ours and delivered a very unique and interesting presentation that captured our audience’s attention the entire time. This is the type of subject matter you don’t get exposure to every day. It was very valuable for our top producers which were in attendance."

Chris Hamm, President and COO - Independent Financial Partners

"Dr. Long's revolutionary approach to performance-based leadership is inspiring, yet practical. Our members were provided with tools and strategies that they applied the next day."

Betty Hepp, Director of Conferences - Investment Management Consultants Association

"Dr. Stephen Long has presented several keynotes and workshops for our company. He provides a clear outline of points and a super concluding review. Every program was different, but each was clearly and logically presented. Each one was a 10! Steve does a great job of repeating a point more than once using different examples and the group interaction is great. My people have gotten a framework for making real changes in their thought patterns, habits, and internal processes. Through Steve, they realized that they were allowing external things to control them and in so doing, they were able to change their behavior and ultimately improve their performance. The best thing that I learned as a leader was why certain people strive for excellence while others are satisfied with mediocrity. Those who are high performers are willing to do the hard things that others refuse to do. Through Steve, I finally have the leadership tools that turn mediocre people into superstars."

David Smith, CEO - Intervest International Equities Corporation

"Dr. Stephen Long gave us more than we ever expected. His concepts and strategies are truly unique and provided our members with a skill set that can be used on a daily basis."

Jeff Leavitt, Former President - Colorado Technical Recruiters Network

“Steve is ahead of the competition right now. His combination of behavioral analyses, golf psychology tools, and game planning is far superior to what’s offered to the corporate market. Whether your goal is to break 70 or 100, Steve’s workshop will help you on the course and in your business.”

Dr. Bob Rotella - Author, Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

“After attending Steve’s workshop, I played in my club’s match and beat my handicap by six strokes! And we won the match! His course management strategies have also helped my business. Steve’s workshop is well worth the time and money.”

Joe Bencivenga, CFO - Amore Sports Management

“The fact that we won our first 54-hole tournament as a team and had our first Air Force Academy individual player win a tournament can be attributed to, in great part, the time Dr. Long spent with my team. Overall, our team performance improved by over 20 strokes per tournament and team leadership improved significantly.”

Gene Miranda, Head Golf Coach - US Air Force Academy, Retired, Member, Golf Hall of Fame

“I recently heard Steve speak at an M&A conference in Minneapolis.  Steve’s succinct message demonstrated his expertise. I left yearning to hear more from Steve.”

Bob Kroll, Kroll Capital