GOLD! Mastering the Psychology of Execution

Much of what we experience in life results from a combination of talent and luck. The Olympians featured in GOLD! could only bet on themselves, but how they managed that risk was the difference between success and futility. They needed something that would deliver a future outcome that was downright unpredictable, uncertain, and incalculable. They employed tools reducing the effects of luck so their talent would have a greater influence on the outcome. Untangling talent and luck is inherently challenging, and the Olympians demonstrate how they manage risk by minimizing luck to experience world-class achievements. By doing so, they simplified the competitive process by enhancing their sense of control. Luck can’t be improved, but talent can only be developed. The principles applied by the Olympians shaped their decisions during situations where the future was not guaranteed but delivered the outcome they sought. Olympic champions share their unconventional wisdom and counterintuitive thinking that only people at the very top know and do. GOLD! provides the foundation where ability is the differentiating factor rather than luck. Nook iPad Kindle

The Incumbent: Stories of Leadership Transformation

Jack Hanlon, an experienced automotive parts company executive, is conflicted by changing strategies and testing his decision-making skills. Through his transformation, Jack becomes aware of the internal and external forces, the hidden and covert influences that preserve the status quo. Nook iPad Kindle

Long on Leadership

Dr. Stephen Long discusses how human nature determines essential leadership skills and what leaders can do about it. Long on Leadership shows how character, change, creativity, culture, and crisis management can be reconstructed from liabilities to assets. Nook iPad Kindle

The 7 Deadly Sins of Youth Sports

Sport touches just about every corner of society, and its significance cannot be underestimated. Sport influences how we interact in our businesses, our communities, our relationships, and our families. Billions of dollars are spent annually either participating in or watching sporting events, and when compared to what is spent on education, healthcare, and work, it’s apparent how important sport is to us as a country. We may all have differing opinions of why teams win or lose or why we play, but no one can argue with one point: Americans love sports. And it all begins with youth sports. Nook iPad Kindle


The X Factor: The Human Performance and Leadership Podcast

A podcast for leaders by leaders, The X Factor invites successful leaders from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and industries to discuss human performance, leadership effectiveness, talent optimization, and strategy execution. LeadersHum selected The X Factor as one of the top 50 leadership podcasts. Leaders from business, military, athletics, academia, and best-selling authors join Dr. Stephen Long in sharing best practices with unique insights. The X Factor is available on all major podcast platforms. Subscribe and download here...
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